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Welcome to Dongsan Tool Co. and Dongsan Gundrill Co., Ltd.

Dongsan is a reliable company that specializes in gundrill manufacturing and deep hole drilling. Since the company was founded in 1987, Dongsan has been concentrating to develop gundrills. In 1990, we first started to produce gundrills for deep hole drilling in Korea. With about 20 years experience in this specialized field, Dongsan becomes a leading company manufacturing Single Flute gundrills in diameter from 2mm to ~ 50mm , Two Flute gundrills, Stepped gundrills, Reamers, BTA Drill Tubes and Gundrill accessories. Our products are also recognized their excellent technology and quality in Korea. We believe ourselves to be a highly specialized and respected company and we can promise that we will keep concentrating on manufacturing gundrills to ensure a top position all around the world. In addition, we will do our best to satisfy customer's requirement.

Hole Drilling Part can machine a straight deep hole in diameter from 2 to ~105 for high quality precision part such as mold base, and for large size components such as tube sheet and bolster etc. according to customers' requirements. Having eight gundrill and BTA machines also guarantees high quality and quick delivery.

Dongsan will develop by our motto, competitive price, high quality, and delivery on time.